Sunday, May 29, 2016

Prairie Warbler

Boy, after yesterdays temps in the 90s, today's temps were only in the mid 60s.  What a difference.

Gerri and I walked at Breakheart Reservation in Saugus/Wakefield.  We walked a loop paved road for about 45 minutes and saw lots of Pink Ladyslippers (probably at least 20).   We also saw Yellow Star Grass, False Solomon's Seal, Starflowers, and Canada Mayflowers.



Later afternoon, Freddie and I walked the Sherborn Power Line trail, via Barber Reservation.  It was still cool with no sun, so butterflies were scarce.

White Faced Dot Tail

While I was concentrating on photographing the above moth, Freddie was busy checking out what she thought was a possible hive from last year.  A closer look with binoculars revealed a Prairie Warbler sitting in a very tiny, soft nest.

Prairie Warbler on nest

Blue-Eyed Grass

another Prairie Warbler, singing in the distance

 sheep American-laurel (native)

Pearl Crescent

I heard what I thought may be a Scarlet Tanager singing high in the treetops.  I mentioned it to Freddie as we neared the trees.  We checked with binoculars and found I was right!  A male Scarlet Tanager was singing from the tippy top of a pine tree.

Scarlet Tanager

Wild Geraniums

parking lot beauty

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