Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Quieter Day at BHCL

Today was so much quieter than yesterday.  Birds were scarce, and those that did make an appearance were commoners!  There was still much to appreciate in the early morning light and later afternoon too.  

Northern Mockingbird

A rose by any other a buttercup!

Song Sparrow
Don't you just love how they lift their heads to belt out their songs?

more new leaf growth
This one looked like a lotus blossom filled with baby leaves.

Palm Warbler

(I also saw one Yellow-Rumped Warbler very high in the treetop and heard Yellow Warblers, but things were so distant and uncooperative compared to the day before.  I knew that day was special!)

an early morning Black Swallowtail

Wild Strawberries

Red-Winged Blackbird (female)
In this photo, you can get a look at her lighter, small patch of "red" on her wing.

 more Wild Strawberries


More new leaves

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