Monday, May 23, 2016

Daybreak and Day's End at BHCL

I walked for an hour before work at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land.  It was sparkling like a new diamond.  Dewdrops covered everything.  I tried and tried to capture its beauty, but you really had to be there.



Warbling Vireo

American Goldfinch
(eating dandelion seeds)

Even the dandelion fluff was wet

 Baltimore Oriole

sleeping Mallard in the pond

Black-Capped Chickadee

After work, Freddie and I walked around for a couple of hours, hoping to see the Black-Billed Cuckoo.  We heard it, but never saw it.  There was plenty to entertain us even without the cuckoo.

Eight-Spotted Forester Moth 
on Wild Geranium


 Pearl Crescent

Little Wood Satyr
(first of 2016)

mystery flower
So easily fooled!  It's first of year Blue-Eyed Grass
not fully open because of overcast conditions

Solomon's Seal

 British Soldier Lichen

Indigo Bunting (female)

Not often seen!  We heard her chipping back and forth with her mate and waited for her to pop up.

Indigo Bunting (male)

Green Lacewing

Cedar Waxwing

A small flock moved through the apple trees, finding plenty to eat.

The sky was so pretty as the day faded.

Good night, Breakneck Hill.  I'll probably see you in the morning!

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