Saturday, August 15, 2015

Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

I had the day off work and a free morning yesterday, so I headed to Norfolk to walk at Stony Brook.  I also wanted to check out their butterfly garden as it was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for butterflies.  I saw a grand total of ZERO butterflies!  Wow.

Here are the highlights from the sanctuary:

House Sparrow juvenile and parent

Gray Catbird

White Water-Lily (native)

Yellow Lotus

White Water-Lily

Eastern Amberwing

Bluet species

Eastern Painted Turtles

Great Blue Heron

Common Arrowhead (native)

Swamp Loosestrife (native)

more turtles

another Bluet

more white water-lilies

you know...

I bet you know this, too.

Oh, here's a different one.  Snapping Turtle

And, of course, I'm still checking Evening Primrose, and here's one that had two Primrose Moths tucked into it.  In the field, I only saw the one showing its pink side....the computer showed me the second one!

This was the first time I decided to check out some of the trail system of the adjoining property known as Bristol Blake State Reservation.  It was so humid and I didn't have a trail map, so after hiking in 1/2 an hour, I retraced my steps and got out of there.

Rattlesnake-root (not sure which variety) (native)

Kingfisher Pond

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