Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bonsai Exhibit and Birds at Tower Hill

I went to Tower Hill Botanic Garden after work tonight.  I didn't realize they were having a special Bonsai Tree exhibit, so that was just an added bonus.  The birds were good, too, and I also saw 2-3 Monarchs flying around!

 Gray Catbird

 American Goldfinches

Summer Hyacinth

 Jagged Ambush Bug

California Juniper
collected from wild
approx. age 250 years old

Shimpaku Juniper
grown from a cutting
approx. age 85 years old

Five-Needle Pine
approx. age 85 years old

Japanese Mountain Maple
grown from a seedling
approx. age 65 years old

 Dawn Redwood
Forest style Bonsai
approx. age 25 years


Japanese Maple
grafted cultivar
approx. age 60 years

Cedar Waxwing

 Blackberry Lily

American Goldfinch
drinking from the fountain

I hung around a little while waiting to see if a pretty sunset would pan out.  It did, but not in any view I had while at Tower Hill.  As I drove home, the sky to the east was filled with beautiful pink clouds!

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