Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Visit to Historic Deerfield

My friend Donna and I visited Historic Deerfield, MA today.  We toured the Main Street, walked the Channing Blake Footpath, and enjoyed a delicious meal at the Deerfield Inn.

 Picnic area behind the Visitors Center

 The Visitors Center

 The Post Office

 Old Fire House

entrance to Channing Blake footpath

 The Indian House 
(1929 replica of 1699 house)

 The Hinsdale and Anna Williams House (1730)

famous Connecticut River Valley architectural style door

 The Stebbins-Wright House (1824)

 Henry Needham Flynt Silver and Metalware Collection

 Wells-Thorn House (1747)
(The horrid robin's egg blue paint was added around 1803 by a newly settled attorney who hoped the color would attract attention to his practice.)

 Dwight House

 another example of the famous Connecticut River Valley architectural style door

 old Town Hall

Frary House (1760) and Barnard Tavern (1795)

First Church of Deerfield

What a beautiful town.  We really enjoyed it!   On our way home, we stopped at Mount Sugarloaf State Reservation where we enjoyed butterflies and the view of the Connecticut River and the Pioneer Valley.

We could see UMass from the overlook!

 Great Spangled Fritillary

Tiger Swallowtail

American Lady

Black Swallowtail

Mourning Cloak

Our next stop was in Holyoke, MA to see the Dinosaur Footprints preserved in sandstone.  

We walked to within view of the river and watched Cedar Waxwings hunting insects for a little while along the river's edge.

 Clymene Moth

Donna spotted these tiny moths, which will require some research on my part to ID.

This is where the dinosaur footprints are found (just below Route 5).  It is not very impressive, and yet at the same time, it is!

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