Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Butterflies at Chestnut Hill Farm

Chestnut Hill Farm is now host to a Community Supported Agriculture program, a pick-your-own flower garden, and a farm stand.  It is a much busier place now!  While I know that locally grown produce and the town supporting the CSA are both good things, I am missing my beautiful long, open views of nothing but meadows!  I tried hard to find some new ones!  I did enjoy the pick-your-own flower area.  It's smaller than Stearns Farm's but much closer to home.

Great Spangled Fritillary

The meadows were busy with butterflies.  The most common sightings were Clouded and Orange Sulphurs, but there were also a few Great Spangled Fritillaries, Common Ringlets, Eastern Tailed-Blues and Cabbage Whites.

 Common Ringlet

 Orange Sulphur


 Eastern Tailed-Blue

White-Banded Toothed Carpet Moth

 Thistle gone to seed

Orange Sulphur

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