Friday, August 28, 2015

Late Summer Colors at BHCL

No work today, so I took a nice, slow walk at BHCL this morning.  I enjoyed some sweet, delicious red raspberries fresh off the vine!  Yum!  Here are highlights of my walk:

 House Wren

Sunflower in the community garden

Common Evening Primrose

Garden Bird's Foot Trefoil

Pearl Crescent


 Purple Loosestrife


Milkweed pod (closeup)

 Rabbit-foot Clover

Great Spangled Fritillary

 Blue Lobelia

Virgin's Bower

 Sumac leaves



Wooly Hedge Nettle?
glittering with dew

Cabbage White

Robin's Plantain Fleabane

Queen Anne's Lace

Pearl Crescent

 another Queen Anne's Lace gone to seed

Black Swallowtail

 Raspberries (and they were delicious!)


Black-shouldered Spinyleg (closeup)
with its breakfast

again (see the spines on its legs?)

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