Saturday, March 16, 2013

Splashing and Birding at Great Meadows NWR

I decided to stop at Great Meadows for a quick walk across the causeway.  I was shocked to find the upper impoundment was connected to the lower impoundment before the footbridge!  I had a pair of boots in the car but I had my new Merrell hiking sneakers on, which were supposedly waterproof, so I just decided to go for it!  The water was above the laces, but below the tops of my shoes (thank goodness).....still, I think boots would have been a better option!  No water got through, though, so the Merrells are true to their advertising!

It was so nice to see water and reflections and blue sky.  There were tons of muskrats out all around the refuge.  Because of the flooding, I decided to circle the lower impoundment and go back to the car that way, rather than go through the water again.

Highlights of this unexpectedly longer hike follow:

Ring-Necked Ducks


This picture does not do the flood justice!   
There is actually a current running across the path!

(is that cheese?  LOL)

I'm not sure what this is measuring, but the impoundment was bubbling and gurgling.  Does that mean it was higher than the Concord River?  

The river has totally overflowed through the woods to the edge of the trail.

Another flooded part of the trail, but it didn't stop this jogger!  
Hardy New Englander!  It's 38 degrees - how cold are his wet feet?

Leaves are budding out!

I am so happy to see open water and reflections again!

Hairy Woodpecker (FOY)

Common Goldeneye

 Guess what?  Another muskrat!

 Song Sparrow

Ring-Necked Ducks

American Black Duck

Hooded Merganser

Hooded Merganser


Great Blue Heron


Oh no!  This end of the trail was flooded over, too, and it was even deeper than the spot near the parking lot.  Now I had to completely back track.  I was tired, and I needed to go to the bathroom!  Not to mention my poor, aching feet!

Great Blue Heron


The light was so beautiful when I finally made my way back to the causeway.


possible Pied Bill Grebe?  It seemed to be the right shape.

Tree Swallows! (FOY)

Another view of the flooded trail.  This one, I think, gives you a better idea of how serious it is!

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