Sunday, March 3, 2013

Birding at Great Meadows NWR

This afternoon I spent a couple of hours at Great Meadows NWR in Concord, MA.  It was partly sunny, then there were some snow flurries, then it was grey and cloudy and then it rained.  Guess the weathermen couldn't go wrong today!

Song Sparrow

 Red-Winged Blackbird (my first in 2013)
A true sign of Spring!!!

Downy Woodpecker

Song Sparrow

Freshly bathed Black-Capped Chickadee

There was a small flock of chickadees in this spot, hopping from branch to branch, dipping down into the water for a drink or a bath.  They were the highlight of this walk, as I enjoyed watching them for about 15 minutes.  I tried, unsuccessfully, to snap a photo of one while drinking and getting its reflection in the water.  I saw it several times but was never able to catch it with the camera!

Song Sparrow

Red-Tailed Hawk

The river was high and in many places came right up to the edge of the trail in both directions on the far side of the causeway.   There were a lot of Canada geese in the river, probably about 80.

Something spooked them and they temporarily relocated.


Muskrats were out.  This one was on the side of the trail where there was a bit of open water in the lower impoundment.  He plopped into the water, came back up and saw that I was staying, so he disappeared for good.  When I came around the impoundment a second time, I was able to catch him in a  picture.

This muskrat was visible next to a feeding lodge straight out from the footbridge closest to the parking lot.  He was busy eating something, although I can't tell what it was.  He's quite cute, so I took another photo!

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