Monday, March 18, 2013

Birding along Sudbury Reservoir Trail

First I caught the sunrise at Hopkinton State Park.....

When I arrived, the water/ice was drenched in color as the big orange sun broke over the horizon.  In the amount of time it took to change to my small camera lens, that color was gone.   You have to be READY!  Change happens fast!

I spent about three quarters of an hour this morning in Southboro, along the Sudbury Reservoir Trail.  The flooded area had dried out, and I didn't find flooding again until the other end of this portion of the trail before the next road crossing.  There was a platform built on that section, but it was in the center of the flooding, so it wasn't doing any good!

 Canada geese

This was an experiment.   This is the reflection on the surface of the water.    I don't really like it.

 Canada geese

 Northern Cardinal

 Common Mergansers

 Common Merganser (male) in front and Bufflehead (male) in back

Hooded Mergansers

Lastly, I stopped at Hopkinton State Park again at lunchtime, and had fun watching this crow looking for leftovers.  He should know people don't picnic in the winter!

 American Crow

If you have the chance to watch the PBS Nature show "A Murder of Crows", which is available on line, please watch it!  It gave me such an appreciation for their intelligence!

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