Saturday, March 30, 2013

Birding at Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary

I wanted to visit a new place today, so I headed to Marshfield to Mass Audubon's Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary.  I was disappointed to find that Nstar was doing some sort of work on a power line that runs across the sanctuary.  They are installing a temporary "road" in order to do the work.  So, if you can imagine, there were trucks with beeping back-up signals, front end loaders, workers yelling to each other, etc. etc.  Not exactly conducive to wildlife sightings.......

Here are the few things I was able to spot in spite of the noise:

American Black Ducks

Red-Winged Blackbird

Mute Swan

Turtles have come up from the depths to warm themselves in the sun!

A view of the Green Harbor River

Song Sparrow

I stopped next at Duxbury Beach.  Had to wait a couple minutes for a parking space.  It was such a nice spring day, with temps nearing 60, that there were lots of people out enjoying the day.

Common Loon

Canada geese


 Adult non-breeding plumage
Sanderlings (closeup)

Red-Breasted Merganser

 Tree Swallow

 Song Sparrow


  1. If I squint my eyes, so many of your pictures look as though they could have been taken here. Then you throw in a picture of turtles! I am afraid that we don't have anything like that over here.