Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Morning at Great Meadows NWR

I attended an Easter Sunrise service in Framingham (outdoors!) in 31 degree temps and then headed on to Great Meadows NWR for a quick walk.  It's an absolutely beautiful day today!

Red-Winged Blackbird (male)

Hooded Merganser (male)

Hooded Merganser pair

Ring-Necked Ducks

This is the kind of "noise" I like to hear while visiting a sanctuary!

Ring-Necked Ducks
See one is showing his burnt colored ringed neck (the one looking towards the camera)

Ring-Necked Duck pair



Wood Duck pair

Common Grackle

Eastern Bluebird

I'm sorry to say that the Eastern Bluebird pair that I spotted were being treated very poorly by the grackles and the red-winged blackbirds.  If I were an Eastern Bluebird, I would find somewhere else to live.  They were being chased high and low.

Canada goose

Canada geese are not my favorite subjects, as I've said before.  But the water was so calm today that it made a nice reflection and the ripples were all from the goose paddling through the water.  I thought it made a pretty picture.


Red-Winged Blackbird

Hooded Merganser pair

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