Thursday, March 7, 2013

Eastern Bluebird in the Snow

Today I had a couple of hopes for my lunch hour.

1.  Find a bluebird in the cemetery.

2.  Find killdeer on Queen Isabella Drive.

Yeah, right!!!!

I did see Tom Turkey stocking up on bird seed in Wildwood Cemetery.  There was no sign of the bluebirds at all.

There were no birds of any kind on Queen Isabella Drive.  I didn't even hear a single call of a Red-Winged Blackbird in the small marsh there.  Condo expansion continues here, and the amount of open land available to the Killdeer is diminishing every week.  I hope they come back......but there were none there today.

Meanwhile, back at home on my deck, what did I find!?  A bird bonanza and feeding frenzy!

American Goldfinch
I dare say they are starting to brighten up a bit!


Eastern Bluebirds

on my deck!

at my house!

That is the photo I was hoping for.

I could have stayed home!

What a gorgeous bird!

The thistle feeder was very popular today!

House Finch (female)

Tufted Titmouse

The shepherd's hook that I hang my thistle feeder on was very popular today, too!  I think the birds know a big snowstorm is coming.  They are stocking up.

Oh, the Carolina Wren was singing his heart out this morning on our peach tree.  The female was listening in a bush just down the slope from the tree.  This afternoon, I saw them both under the bottom step of the climber that used to hold our son's swings.  Could they be building a ground nest there?  I hope so (even though it doesn't seem very safe)!

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