Saturday, December 22, 2012

Today's Birds

Christmas vacation started today with a big yawn.  I couldn't sleep last night from midnight on and started the day feeling exhausted.  I just couldn't work up the energy to do much birding (or driving).  To make matters worse, the sun didn't come out until later in the day.  I did check on the birch trees at Hopkinton State Park first thing in the morning and again at noon.   Nothing was there.   Mid-afternoon, I drove over to Wellesley College to check the crabapple trees.  I didn't have any thrilling sightings, but at least I tried.....

European Starling 

 American Robin

 Mourning Dove

I  stopped at Hopkinton State Park for the sunset, and wouldn't you know, the Common Redpolls were there, but by this time,  the light was poor for photos.

I counted twenty-one Common Redpolls in this flock.  On Friday morning, when I stopped at the park, there were about a dozen, and then a second group flew in and I counted about 3 dozen.  A Nice, noisy flock!

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