Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mill Pond

I drove over to Mill Pond in Westboro today to check it out as a possible alternate lunchtime birding stop.  The sun was out after a couple days of solid grey skies.  It was wonderful to see it again!

I walked the dam from end to end.  There was a small flock of Canada geese sitting on the dam, and lots of goose poop.  The geese all headed for the water as I neared them.   I was glad for that, because I don't like it when they stake a claim where I want to walk and I have to be brave and walk past them as they hiss at me.

There were 8 mute swans close to the dam and at least two other pairs in distant locations on the pond.

Mute Swans

Pretty, but I don't like their impact on native species, so they are no favorite of mine.

Synchronized swimming?

One mallard pair was also near the dam.

I could see a little flock of some type of waterfowl at the far end of the dam, which I later determined to be Hooded Mergansers.  There may have been a couple of Common Mergansers mixed in, too.  They were shy and headed to the middle of the pond before I even got close to them, so all my photos were taken from quite a distance.

The Hooded Mergansers looked like they were fishing out in the middle of the pond.  There was lots of splashing, and soon two gulls were flying over and swooping down in the same area.

See the splashes?

and the gulls

One pair of ducks took off in a different direction than the above flock, so I assume they were a different variety, but I don't know what they were.

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