Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Looking Back: October through December

I know we're not through the entire month of December yet, but I think the final days are going to fly by, and I may not have time to do my reviews.  I plan to continue to make daily posts when I'm able, but I'll also be spending more time than usual with family and friends.  Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to you all!

New Birds:
Thank goodness I could look for birds when butterfly season drew to a close!

Black-and-White Warbler

Belted Kingfisher
Clay-Colored Sparrow
Common Redpoll
Coopers Hawk
Fox Sparrow
Greater Yellowleg
Hairy Woodpecker
Horned Lark
Magnolia Warbler
Orange-Crowned Warbler
Pileated Woodpecker
Pine Siskin
Purple Finch
Red-Eyed Vireo
Ruddy Ducks
Semi-Palmated Plover
Vespers Sparrow
White-Winged Crossbill

New Butterflies:
You can tell that butterfly season was winding down because this is a very short list!

Ocola Skipper
Dainty Sulphur (Ohio)

New Places:
Cedar Bog Nature Preserve, Urbana, OH
Inniswood Metro Park, Westerville, OH
Marblehead Neck Wildlife Sanctuary, Marblehead, MA
North River Wildlife Sanctuary, Marshfield, MA
Salisbury Beach State Reservation, Salisbury, MA
Worcester Municipal Airport, Worcester, MA

See my Links Page for web sites, where applicable.

Biggest Surprises:

Pileated Woodpecker - definitely!  We were in Ohio to celebrate my father's birthday and all taking a hike.  I saw it quite close to the trail and ran to tell others that it was there.  By the time I went back, it flew off to this distant tree.  Wish I had gotten the close up shot!

Mink - early morning hike - 2nd mink sighting of my life.  1st photo!  It ran up and down the trail  looking off into the reeds for at least 10 minutes.  I wonder what it was looking for....

Favorite Photos:

Foggy morning at Farm Pond, Framingham

Now, if you don't live in Framingham, you may not be familiar with Farm Pond.  It's a very urban setting - railroad switching yard on one side, tracks and station on another side, the park on the third side and a landfill and courthouse on the fourth side.  There is plenty of litter.  There are two pumping stations, both of which are riddled with graffiti.  You might leave with a negative impression.  And yet......there is real beauty to be found there if you just look for it!

Purple Finch (female)

The finch was so close to me, I could have reached out and touched her.  She was so busy chowing on these little berries, she could have cared less about me and my camera!  I love the mess around her beak.  It cracks me up!  Actually, I read on line that part of the reason they are such messy eaters is that they want the seeds rather than the berries.  

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