Thursday, December 6, 2012

Birding in Southborough

I stopped at Parkerville Road in Southboro this morning, hoping for a pretty sunrise and maybe some birds, too.  It was 28 degrees and I was very happy to find my gloves in the back seat!

The sun wasn't up over the treeline when I arrived.  The Canada geese were up and starting to gather.  There was quite a flock of them near the Fay School field side of the reservoir, and more joined them as time passed.

I love it when the rising sun lights up the undersides of flying birds.

The view to the west included a single, beautiful male Hooded Merganser swimming through some lovely reflections.

A little closer.  This has always been one of my favorite birds.

Common Mergansers

One thing I've learned from other birders is that you should examine flocks carefully and not assume it is all one type of bird.  After doing just that, I was happy to spot a female Ruddy Duck swimming among all these Canada geese.

The geese abandoned her as I moved closer.  She continued to dive and resurface in the same spot.

Common Merganser (way across the water)

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