Thursday, December 13, 2012

Today's Birds

Another pretty start to the day at Farm Pond.

Just me and the mute swans enjoying the sunrise......

A hawk was hunting from the weathervane of The Federated Church in Ashland this morning, so I stopped to snap a photo on my way home.

I wonder if this is the same Red-Tailed Hawk that was written up in the Metrowest Daily News newspaper last May.

At lunchtime, I checked the birch trees at HSP for common redpolls and seeing none, continued on to Southboro.  There was a nice flock of about 12 Eastern Bluebirds.

And the ever present Dark-Eyed Juncos (at least in winter)...

I walked down the Sudbury Reservoir Trail a short distance and flushed out a Red-Tailed Hawk.

A huge flock of Canada geese were gathering in the playing field again.  I caught this one flying over from the water to join the others on the field.  I like how you can see the water dripping from its feet.

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