Saturday, January 3, 2015

White-Winged Scoters at Revere Beach

I saw my first Eastern Bluebird of 2015 this morning in Southboro near Ting Field.  There were about five of them flying near the edge of the meadow.

Eastern Bluebird (male)

It felt like snow was in the air today.  It was cold and damp with very weak, if any, sunshine peaking through the clouds most of the day.  30 degrees.  I took about an hour's walk at Revere Beach since we were in Revere for a family lunch.  There were not a lot of birds around, but the light over the water was lovely.

I originally mis-identified some of these gulls as Ring-Billed Gulls, but Josh F. kindly pointed out to me that Ring-Billed Gulls have yellow legs, and these gulls all have pink legs.  Thanks, Josh!

Herring Gull


Clam shells

The city has dumped pink sand at the beach as a way of improving it.  It was noticeable around the clam shells above.   From what I have read on line, it has not been well received by the locals.  I did find it pretty, though.

Mussel shell

Common Slipper Shell (I think)

The tide line was marked with crystals of ice.  Winter is definitely here!

Great Black-Backed Gull

Herring Gull (juvenile)

Herring Gull
(I love the light on the water in this photo!)

Common Northern Moon Snail Shell

White-Winged Scoter


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