Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Escape to Duxbury Beach

36 degrees
Breezy (chilly)

I took the afternoon off to take a walk at the beach.  Before I left, I was happy to see that the Eastern Bluebirds were back at the feeder again.  I missed them a couple of days.

I thought I might spot a Snow Bunting or even a Snowy Owl at the beach, but my bird sightings were limited to:

American Black Duck
Canada Goose
Common Eider
Common Goldeneye
Great Black-Backed Gull
Herring Gull
Ring-Billed Gull
Rock Dove (Pigeon)
Song Sparrow

Any afternoon at the beach beats the same behind a desk regardless of the birds seen!

Powder Point Bridge (my access to the beach)


There are always pigeons on the bridge!

Common Eider (male)

Common Eider (female) with a crab

This duck was fast, and I kept missing her, but I kind of like this photo anyway.  I think it is funny!  Once across the bridge, I enjoyed a beautiful, but cold walk on the beach.

Song Sparrow

When I left, the tide was low.  The exposed sand under the bridge had beautiful patterns.  Also, there were chunks of ice which had broken away from the shore and were floating back out to sea.

Bufflehead (male)

View to the left off the bridge 
(including one of my favorite trees)

 View to the right from the bridge

Powder Point Bridge

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