Tuesday, July 15, 2014

When It Rains, It Hops

Yesterday evening the weather was horrid.  Humid.  Occasional downpours.   Lightning.  Flash flood warnings.  Around 10PM, I happened to ask my husband if he had noticed any frogs on his way through the neighborhood.  (He often notices them when we're together in the car.)  He had!  I donned a raincoat, a baseball cap, a baggie for my camera and a headlamp (which I later discovered needed fresh batteries), and off I went.

I only walked to the end of my street.  It was VERY humid.  I did see 4 amphibians:  1 American toad (in my driveway ~~ and it was HUGE!), 1 wood frog, and 2 green frogs.

This humid, rainy weather pattern is going to continue, so maybe I'll get another chance with fresh batteries and better lighting.

 American Toad

Wood Frog

 Green Frog


It's amazing to me that there's this whole other world moving about in our neighborhood streets that we don't often realize!  It pays to drive more slowly on rainy evenings!

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