Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Blues and Grays at BHCL

No, it's not a civil war reference.  It's a reference to butterflies, of course!

A couple of my favorite summer butterflies are tiny, often-missed varieties.  They fly close to the ground, in quick uneven flight patterns.  At the most, you may glimpse a flash of blue that can be lost in an instant.

I saw the first of my favorites in good numbers today at BHCL:  Eastern Tailed Blue.  This tiny butterfly is a pure wonder.  Beautifully patterned, tails, eyespots and a beautiful rich blue or dark interior.  And tiny!

The second of my favorites is the Gray Hairstreak.  I only saw two of this species today, but both were fresh and bright and absolutely gorgeous.  This one has a crazy flight pattern and is nearly impossible to follow.  What's worked for me lately has been spotting the jaggedy, crazy flight and rather than try to see it in air, assuming it has already landed and scanning the ground for it.  I really love this butterfly, and I don't often get to see it spreading its wings out and showing off its dark blue/gray interior wings.  Sigh!

Gray Hairstreak (so beautiful!!!!)

There is good butterflying to be had at BHCL, but some varieties require a little more effort than others!

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