Monday, July 14, 2014

Black Swallowtail at BHCL

#80 enjoying the grass

Blue Vervain

According to, blue vervain had an unusual use among the Iroquois.  They used a cold infusion of mashed leaves as a medicine to "make obnoxious people go away".   I love this wildflower even more knowing that!

The highlight of today's lunch hike was a male Black Swallowtail butterfly near the keyhole section of the trail.   These butterflies don't pause in their wing-flapping very much, so it's a thrill to get a chance to photograph one that holds still for a moment.  This variety is one of the bigger, showier species, the kind most people want to see, one of the "popular" ones!

But you just can't ignore the beautiful, less-popular and perhaps harder to glimpse small butterflies that also fly around at BHCL.

Eastern Tailed-Blue


I read that the ETBs that are more charcoal colored rather than bright blue on their inner wings indicates that it is a female.

Sulphur spp.

Broad-Headed Bug
(another one of those boring names.....) 

Green-Fringed Bog Orchid

I stopped under the shade of an oak tree because there were close to a dozen anglewing butterflies flying beneath its branches.  Not one would land, but they were fun to watch for a while.  Just before I walked away, I was suddenly aware of this orchid.  I'm glad I didn't miss it!

Pearl Crescent

Finally - a side view!  The wings, from the side, look like stained-glass windows.  I just love this tiny butterfly!  What a beauty!

Common Wood Nymph

This butterfly doesn't often spread its wings when landed.  Usually, it stands upright, wings folded tightly together.  So I was happy to include this photo of an unusual position.

Another sign that summer is flying by....

Oh, this morning there were still some moths hanging around the garage doors again.  Here they are:

White-Banded Emerald Moth
(oh, one with some color!)

Red-Crossed Button Slug Moth


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