Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Morning at BHCL

The weather was blah this morning; spitting rain, colorless sky.  I had a headache to boot and didn't feel very motivated to go walking, but I hoped I might feel better if I did.  Oh, and my lower back was tweaking a bit.  Not a good morning, all in all!  So, off I went to explore BHCL.

I took the trail towards the Community Gardens in order to avoid the hill, trying to go easy on myself.

Common Sootywing

Garter Snake in wetland area


Some of the chicory is pink, but most of it is blue.  I read on line that the color is dependent upon the acidity of the soil (sounds like hydrangea), but these are right next to each other....


Helleborine orchid


Eastern Comma

Horace's Duskywing

House Wren (one of six that were between two trees in the back meadow)

It was probably a young family of House Wrens.  Two were rattling a warning at me.  The others were flitting from branch to branch.

Black Swallowtail

Eastern Tailed Blue

Crab Spider

Pearl Crescent

Love the ones with more pink tones to them!

Red Admiral

This Red Admiral was puddling in the mud of the parking lot, but it flew off as I approached.  Luckily, I spotted it again in the shrubs to the right of the bridge.

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