Sunday, July 6, 2014

Today's Butterflies and More

Ashland Community Garden, Ashland, MA


Silver-Spotted Skipper

I checked the dill plants for caterpillars but found none.  They are such pretty plants I had to take a photo.


Working on ID

Great Black Wasp

Crane Swamp WMA, Northboro, MA

I only sprayed my ankles here and regretted it immensely when I was in the woods.  The mosquitoes and deer flies were swarming me.  It was painful to have to stop take photograph a butterfly.  A fresh bite was the tradeoff each time.  Only the Appalachian Brown butterflies were present in the woods.  At least the others were in open areas where the bugs weren't bad.

 Common Wood Nymph (first one of the year)

 Broad-Winged Skipper

Banded Hairstreak

 Appalachian Brown (first of the year)


Eastern Comma

Breakneck Hill Conservation Land, Southboro, MA

Freddie and I ran into each other near the parking lot, and as we were both just arriving, we walked together.  It was also a nice surprise to run into the Hogan Family on the trail!

These Eastern Bluebirds are caring for at least one nestling in the nesting box nearest the parking lot.  They must have been hot, because as you can see in this photo, they are panting to regulate their body temperature.  No sound was coming from them.

Eastern Bluebirds

Thread-Waisted Wasp

Great Spangled Fritillary

 Black Raspberries (there were quite a few ripe ones, and we enjoyed them!)

 Mourning Cloak on milkweed

Banded Hairstreak

 Eastern Comma

and another one

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