Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spotted Sandpipers at Hopkinton State Park

The sun was in and out most of the morning and completely gone by the time I was able to break for lunch.  Phlox is peak now in the garden, so I thought I'd share a photo of it.  I only wish it attracted some butterflies!

Also seen in the garden this morning was a juvenile Northern Cardinal.  Its parents were nearby when it briefly paused in the peach tree.  I was surprised to find such a mature juvenile bird this early in May, but I suppose if the parents were courting in February (which I saw), then it makes sense!  A juvenile Northern Cardinal has a dark bill, which distinguishes it from the adult female.

I wanted to go to Hopkinton State Park and check whether or not a big patch of pussytoes that I spotted recently was hosting any butterflies.  Well, unfortunately, the DCR was there mowing and they had mowed the native Field Pussytoes down to nothing but saved from mowing some invasive Cypress Spurge.  Who understands that logic?

I walked the trail next to the spillway and was surprised and pleased to find three Spotted Sandpipers picking along the waterway.  It was hard to sneak up on them, but I was able to get relatively close to one of them.

 Spotted Sandpiper


Canada Mayflowers

Eastern Tailed-Blue

I also saw a couple of Spring Azures and a Clouded Sulphur during a brief period of sunshine.

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