Sunday, May 18, 2014

Baby Killdeer

I took my new camera over to Waseeka Wildlife Sanctuary this afternoon.  I thought I'd check on the ladyslippers and see how they were progressing.  The bloom is definitely more open, but there is no color yet.

Baltimore Oriole

Fringed Milkwort

There were tons of this wildflower all over the sanctuary.  It's really pretty!

Osprey on the nest
(my other camera can't get this close)

Hooded Merganser (female)

Pearl Crescent (hanging on in the wind)

Looking back from the dam

more Fringed Milkwort!!

As I moved down Sassafras Trail, I passed a tree trunk with a huge opening in it.  There seemed to be a lot of noise coming from somewhere nearby.  I stopped to see if I could spot what it was (either a red squirrel or a chipmunk).  I couldn't find it, so then it occurred to me that perhaps it was coming from the crack.  I took a step back, and voila!  Sometimes things like this just kill me.  Isn't nature wonderful?!

The area where the forest fire took place is looking greener.

Don't you just love the bright green of spring?  Here's a view of one portion of Sassafras Trail.

Black Aronia

beautiful Starflowers

Pink Ladyslipper
(This one is much more saturated!)

I just had to stop at Hopkinton State Park because, well, it was on the way home!  I am so glad I did, because that is where a bunch of kids running next to the spillway alerted some Killdeer who called warning calls, which in turn made me notice their four cute little babies!

Poor Mama was trying to protect her four babies, and Papa was on top of the spillway, shouting, so I didn't stay long.

Oh my, how sweet!

Least Sandpiper

This Least Sandpiper walked through the Killdeer family while I was taking pictures!  Too funny!  The spillway seems to be a hotbed of birding activity!

It was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon, and a lot of people were enjoying their local state park!


  1. Lovely pictures. It's interesting that your plants and trees still look to be behind ours. I would have thought you would have caught up by now!

    1. It's been rather cold and gray for the most part. If it would warm up a bit, I think things would really cut loose. The leaves are finally mostly out now, making bird watching much more challenging but also making things much safer for nestlings.