Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Indigo Bunting and Baltimore Oriole at BHCL

BHCL was full of surprises today, and hiking there made for a fabulous start to the day as well as a great lunch break!


The Belties are back!

Hermit Thrush

Indigo Bunting!

I could also hear a Field Sparrow singing in the audio of this short clip!  Try as I might, I couldn't spot it, but it's very nice to know it was there!

Black-and-White Warbler (one of several seen)

Gray Catbird

American Redstart

There were warblers all through the trees in this spot, and I couldn't keep up with them fast enough with the camera to get photos.  I did see a Magnolia Warbler here.

 Oh, how sweet!

 So long, pole barn!

Yellow-Rumped Warbler
(right by the parking lot)

It was so hard to point my feet in the direction of the car.  I really, really wanted to stay and see and photograph as many warblers as possible.  I know I missed some life birds.  Oh, well!  There's always next time!

Lunch break:

(in Community Garden area)

Northern Mockingbird
(near wetlands)

Red-Winged Blackbird (male)

Red-Winged Blackbird (female)

Baltimore Oriole #1

Baltimore Oriole #2

A Common Yellowthroat was in the thicket underneath this Baltimore Oriole, but I couldn't get a photo.

Beautiful patch of Wild Columbine

Gray Catbird

I also had another glimpse of an Indigo Bunting and more warblers, too.

Note to self:  Tick #3; first bite.  Grass is long - time to spray and tuck!

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