Monday, May 5, 2014

Gray Hairstreak

In spite of mostly cloudy and cool conditions, this didn't turn out to be too bad of a day for nature.  This morning I had several warblers fly into the trees right in front of my house:  Pine Warbler, Yellow-Rumped Warbler and Black-and-White Warbler, the last being a new species for my yard list.

All but the Pine Warbler cooperated for photos (relatively speaking).

 Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Black-and-White Warbler

At lunchtime, I took a hike along the Sherborn Power Line trail, hoping for a butterfly sighting.  Sunshine was spotty, but apparently it was sufficient to bring out at least two nice species:  Eastern Pine Elfin and Gray Hairstreak.  (also two Cabbage Whites)

Eastern Pine Elfin
 (only shot before it disappeared)

 Gray Hairstreak (a beauty!)

I enjoyed the wildflowers blooming along the trail:


 Wood Anemone

I think this is also wood anemone, although the leaves are much darker and reddish.

Unknown variety flowering shrub

I also had two close Eastern Towhee sightings and heard my first-of-year Prairie Warbler singing.

Eastern Towhee (female)

Eastern Towhee (male)

After work, I saw a Pine Warbler outside, so I went out again to try for a photo.  I got it and a Blue-Headed Vireo!  Woo hoo!!

 Pine Warbler

 Blue-Headed Vireo

This was the bird I saw on my hike last weekend at Purgatory Chasm, but it was high in the treetops.  Look at this view!  It came down low over the brook and posed so nicely!  Love it!



  1. Great to see that you have seen some more butterflies. The Gray Hairstreak picture is lovely.

  2. We have Eastern Towhees around the house. They sift throw the leaf litter and are always close to the ground. When I see purple violets I always think "weeds," since they are a scourge in our yard. But they are pretty, I'll admit.

    1. I heard the Towhees in your green leaf video! I have a "problem" with purple violets around my house, too, but I prefer them over dandelions!