Saturday, May 31, 2014

Butterflies at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land

It's graduation weekend, and family is in from out-of-state.  One of our traditions is to visit Bearskin Neck in Rockport.  The weather forecast for today was not too good, low 50s, breezy and mostly cloudy, with some passing showers.  We hoped for the best and headed out at 10AM.  The sun was out and although the temps were cool, it was a gorgeous day on Cape Ann.

Here are some scenes around Bearskin Neck:

Motif #1

A quick stop at Good Harbor Beach followed by a ride on Atlantic Avenue, Gloucester.

Then, we drove Route 133 to Ipswich where we enjoyed a lunch stop at Periwinkles, and on to Boxford where we enjoyed an ice cream stop at Benson's.  Finally, we finished up with a ride down the road where my Mom grew up in Andover, and a quick stop to say hi to her cousin Carol.

Once home, since the sun was still out the the temperature was still warm enough for butterflies, my sister and I went for a quick walk at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land.  One of the first butterflies my sister spotted, in the front meadow, was a Silvery Blue!

Silvery Blue

Little Wood Satyr

Spotted Cranesbill

Red-Tailed Hawk w/ small rodent
(click to enlarge)

When we arrived at the back meadow, we took a right onto the little side field where I have previously found lots of butterfly activity.  We didn't see much in the field, but when we stopped at the end of it, several varieties of butterflies emerged from the woods to entertain us.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Mourning Cloak

Horace's Duskywing 

Hobomok Skipper

As we walked down the back meadow, we tried several times to see the Indigo Bunting.  We could hear it, and I eventually spotted it in a tree, but it flew off before my sister could spot it.  We saw it several other times, but each time, it flew off, taunting us, before my sister could see it.

The trail closest to the woods was filled with dragonflies and a couple more Hobomok Skippers.  The dragonflies kept chasing the butterflies away.

Common Whitetail

My son graduates from high school tomorrow!  Good night, all!


  1. Great selection of butterflies!

    1. Thanks, Nick! It was really fun to see so many varieties on one walk!