Friday, May 2, 2014

Broad-Winged Hawk

The weather was typical for New England today.  Wait five minutes, and it will change.  The sun rose beautifully.  Then clouds moved in, and the rest of the day was a battle between those clouds and the sun.

I started the day at Wildwood Cemetery where I was happy to see Bluets in bloom in the old section.  I love this cemetery.  I don't think the town has enough money to keep it beautifully manicured, so you are able to find bluets and pussytoes and other wildflowers popping up, especially in the older sections. Also, some of the trees are old, and Northern Flickers have drilled lots of holes in them.  You never quite know what you will find there.


Fireworks display of spring!

Just as I was headed for the exit, I noticed a squirrel climbing a tree next to the road with something in its mouth.  It sure looks like something someone threw out of their car.  I took a short video of it eating breakfast.

Outside my office window, I noticed one of our resident Broad-winged Hawks swoop down into the wetlands and then back up into a tree.  It was not in my line of sight, but soon after it flew towards the house and when I checked, it was on a favorite horizontal branch just outside one of our front bedroom windows.

Broad-Winged Hawk w/ frog

At lunch, I hiked a bit at Beals Preserve in Southboro, where highlights included three Mourning Cloaks and my first-of-year Yellow-Rumped Warbler.  

Hawk (not sure what kind)

 Mourning Cloak

(working on ID)

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