Sunday, February 16, 2014

Today's Birds

We got about another 5 inches of snow last night, so I was stuck in the house until the driveway was done.  I still enjoyed my feeder birds.

 Dark-Eyed Junco
(unusual to have the eye show up in a photo)

 Mourning Dove

 Northern Cardinal

Eastern Bluebirds
(I chopped up an apple this morning, and they flew right in as soon as I threw it outside.)

 Carolina Wren

American Goldfinch

After lunch, though, it was time to get OUT of the house.  I decided to bite the bullet and drive the hour up to Salisbury Beach even though it was already after 2PM and would not stay light too long once I got there.  I saw three Snowy Owls within five minutes of arriving!  One flew across the road right in front of me!  I didn't get a photo of that one (and it was the closest sighting I had today), because I decided it was better to enjoy watching it!

Snowy Owl #2
(although you could mistake it for a plastic shopping bag)

Snowy Owl #3 (can you see it?)

and again after it moved into the open

American Tree Sparrow

This little bird is so cute.  It has a bi-colored bill:  black on top, gold on the bottom.  Makes it easy to identify!  I like the little black spot on its breast, too.



The afternoon daylight flew by and before I knew it, it was time to head for home.  So glad I got out, saw more Snowy Owls, and enjoyed some birds in a place other than my deck!

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