Thursday, February 6, 2014

I Love Bluebirds!

The deep snow brought more birds to the feeder.  I was pleasantly surprised to see an Eastern Bluebird on my deck again.  Throughout the day, they visited, with a high of seven (2 males and 5 females) at one time!  They are a favorite of mine, and it is especially nice to have them right in my own yard.  They were eating some stale bread that I had thrown out under one of the tables on my deck.  (I didn't even know that bluebirds ate bread.)

 Not to be outdone by his blue companions, this Blue Jay came in to check out the bread too.

Last year I had a lucky shot of an Eastern Bluebird that came to my deck during a snowstorm.  Well, for about a minute while they were here today, some snow blew off the roof and made it look like it was snowing!

 American Goldfinch

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