Sunday, February 9, 2014

Checking Local Spots

1.  My Deck

 American Goldfinch

Eastern Bluebird

2.  Wildwood Cemetery

The only thing moving around in there was the wild turkey.  I have so many photos of him, I didn't bother with one more this time.

Across the street from the cemetery, the river had open water and was busy with about 30 mallards and a dozen or so Canada geese.

3.  Gamewell Building

House Sparrows - at least 50 - were in the bittersweet vines next to the parking lot.

4.  Middle Road, Southboro

Checked the area where the sparrows were at the side of the road last year.  Only a Song Sparrow today.

5.  Rural Cemetery, Southboro

One Red-Tailed Hawk

I checked all the holes in the old trees, looking for owls.  I didn't find any, but I did find an animal holed up in one of them.  I'm guessing it's a raccoon.

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