Thursday, February 20, 2014

February Thaw!

This morning I felt like a prisoner looking through barred windows, at least on the 2nd floor.  Icicles hung across the front and back windows.  Pretty, sparkly icicles in varying thicknesses and lengths.  Most of them fell off as the day wore on, the sun shone, and the temperature rose to nearly 50 degrees.

I swear that gray squirrel was sunbathing (or taking a nap)!  He remained very still in this position for quite a while, often with his eyes closed.  He was well camouflaged.

The Carolina Wren was patrolling the deck furniture, checking for fresh bread crumbs.  I saw bluebirds in flight, leaving the yard, but never on the deck.

I saw a small flock of American Robins move across the property, picking at any remaining berries still hanging among the trees.  These berries may have been easy to pass by in early December, but right about now, they're looking very delicious!

R - E - A - C - H   for it!

 Hopkinton State Park
(on the off chance that this is my last opportunity to capture a snowy view (ha!))

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