Monday, February 17, 2014

This Winter is for the Birds!

I visited Wildwood Cemetery today.  Narrowly plowed roads (one way most places) and scarcely any wildlife to speak of.  I did find Tom Turkey and he was eating snow, so that made for a good show.  

Wild Turkey (good sized, too)

The cemetery looked pretty with monochromatic snowy blues and whites against the black bark of the winter trees and the bright blue of the sky.

 There were lots of turkey tracks, but these were different.  Not sure what kind of animal made these.

This video of a Canada goose sliding across an icy pond made me think that maybe the birds and animals are sick of the snow and ice, too!

Today was the first day that the Eastern Bluebirds did not visit my deck.  I hope they'll come back, but I sure enjoyed them while they stayed around.  The Carolina Wren was here today, trying to blend in with the wind chime birds.

Carolina Wren

Oh, I almost forgot!  This morning, I saw a female Northern Cardinal fly towards my feeder, followed closely by a male.  I figured they were setting up for a courtship opportunity, so I did sit and wait to see if it would happen.  I wish the sunflower seed feeder was closer to the house.  I can't get any good photos of the sunflower seed-eating birds!

Northern Cardinals

The male brings seeds to the female as part of what is believed to be a courtship ritual.  The theory is that the female is deciding whether or not the male is a good provider.....pretty good test!  It looks so sweet!

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