Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hager Pond

A brave couple was feeding bread to the birds at Hager Pond in Marlboro, and they (the fowl) were swarming the western portion of the parking lot.  I drove slowly through the flock, parked and managed to walk through them without attracting too much attention since I had no food.

 Feeding frenzy

I added Ring-Necked Duck to my year list on this visit.  I saw Northern Pintails (3) again this time, busily dabbling at the same western end of the open water, pintails pointing straight up in the air.  Most of the rest were the Canada geese,  mallards, mute swans, gulls and domestic geese.

Ring-Necked Duck

 Mute Swan

 Domestic goose

Oddly colored mallard


  1. Dawn,
    Would your oddly coloured mallard be a call duck? It looks quite stumpy compared to a wild mallard.

    1. I don't know. I never even heard of a call duck before. But my gut feeling is that it is an injury of some sort....