Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Signs of Spring in February

Even though a major winter storm is predicted for tomorrow, and today's temps maxed out in the mid 20s, I noticed a subtle swing toward spring.  Have you seen any signs of spring?

This morning, I saw a male Northern Cardinal feed a sunflower seed to his female companion (a courtship ritual).  I also heard House Finches singing this week.  Seems early....

It used to be that Robins and Bluebirds were signs of spring, but now they over-winter and can be commonly seen year round here in Massachusetts.  They say it is partly because people plant so many fruit-bearing trees and shrubs in their landscape.  There is more food available to the birds to help them get through the winter without migrating south.  If the food supply runs out, though, they would have to move on.

My bluebirds are still hanging around.  They are eating breadcrumbs.  I did buy some mealworms for them today, too, but the squirrels will probably take them.

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