Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Eastern Bluebirds Here and There

Bluebirds are still hanging around my yard, eating breadcrumbs on my deck and drinking melting snow on my shed roof.  Today, I also saw a pair checking out a really old birdhouse next to my driveway.  The opening was chewed out by a squirrel (I assume) and is totally useless for any birds now, but maybe they were just curious.

(taken through screened window)

A bit later, I saw five of them on my neighbor's roof, two drinking melting snow and three warming up on the chimney.  Smart birds!  If it's a cold day, look on your neighbors' rooftops and see what you find!

Meanwhile, back in the "staging" tree, there was a really fluffed up Mourning Dove, also doing its best to stay warm in the sunshine.

These two bluebirds posed for an early Valentine's portrait!

At lunch I checked out the Southboro Rural Cemetery again.  Same animal in the same hollow tree.  Same view.  Some day I intend to see its face!

After, when I was at the corner of Cordaville Road and Route 85, I saw a flash of wings so I pulled into the parking lot.  I found a couple of American Robins and at least 5 Eastern Bluebirds among the bittersweet.  They are so pretty against the blue sky.

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