Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Massachusetts Butterflies

Last night, George and I had dinner at Romaine's Wood Grill & Bar in Northborough, Massachusetts.  It's a great restaurant, and we both thought our dinners were scrumptious!

As an added bonus, I noticed 6 butterfly bushes in the parking lot, as well as lantana, daisies, black-eyed Susans, and more:  It was a very nice butterfly garden lining both sides of the entry drive into the parking area!!  Last night, at about 7PM, I still managed to find a lone Painted Lady on one of the butterfly bushes.  Of course, I was already planning when I could come back during the best part of a sunny day and wondering if I could make it there and back within a lunch hour.  Today, I tried it.  The traffic gods were with me, and I made it -- with time for photos -- in exactly an hour.  Thank you, 299 West Main Street, for taking the time and effort to create a little spot of beauty in your parking lot!

 Painted Ladies were abundant here, too.

 I like how this photo shows the proboscis unfurling from its stored position.  The butterfly uses the proboscis (sharp, pointed tongue) like a straw, to drink the nectar from the flower.  When the butterfly is not feeding, it keeps its proboscis curled up in a spiral.

 An American Lady, thrown in for good measure.  American Lady butterflies have two large eye spots; while Painted Lady butterflies have 4 small eye spots.

 Black Swallowtail

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