Monday, August 13, 2012

Garden in the Woods

Have you visited New England Wildflower Society's Garden in the Woods in Framingham?  If not, I highly recommend that you do!  It's a wonderful garden, with easy trails, beautiful native wildflowers, interesting insects, frogs, snakes, occasional deer, a wildlife pond, and currently, an exhibit of sculpture pieces created by members of the new England Sculptors Association.  There are plenty of benches throughout the garden where you can sit and enjoy the views.  

Maps are offered when you pay your entry fee (check your local library for possible free passes), and scavenger hunt lists are available to keep young visitors engaged.  There is a gift shop full of lovely nature-themed books, clothing, hats, mugs, games and more, as well as snacks, drinks, and insect repellant.  Native plants are also available for sale.

There are different garden types to see around every bend:  Idea Garden, Woodland Garden, Lily Pond, Meadow, Western Plant Collection and New England Rare Plant Collection.

American Spikenard

Feather-legged Fly on Smooth Phlox

Great Lobelia

Darner dragonfly (specific variety unknown)

 Flowering Spurge

Butterfly killer!   :(

Baneberry (a/k/a Doll's Eye)  Isn't that common name perfect?!

Kind of scary looking!

Cardinal Flower

Band-winged Meadowhawk (male)

Bumble Bee on Eastern Purple Coneflower

Common Spreadwing Damselfly

 Common Whitetail (female) Dragonfly

Milkweed Bug Nymphs on milkweed

 Pearl Crescent on Coastal Sweet Pepperbush

 Slaty Skimmer

Soldier Beetle on Ashy Sunflower

Syrphid Fly (bee mimic)

Talisman sculpture

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