Sunday, August 19, 2012

Green Herons

I really like Herons, generally, and I had not yet seen a Green Heron.  The Curious Birder recently posted some wonderful photos from the wetlands behind St. Philip's Cemetery in Grafton, MA.  I decided I would head over there this morning, since it was overcast and not good butterfly weather, and see whether I could find myself a Green Heron.

I happened to arrive at the cemetery at the same time as another vehicle.  Eventually we ended up on the same paved road at the back of the cemetery.  I was happy to see binoculars and a scope among the gear of the people exiting the vehicle.  They quickly disappeared into the woods.  I stopped to take a photo of what looked to be two Great Blue Heron nests in a tree.

Then I met both Kim, blogging author of The Curious Birder, and Alan, president of Forbush Bird Club.  I explained how I had not been there before and was hoping to see a Green Heron.   I didn't realize who Kim was at first, but after a bit I asked her if she wrote The Curious Birder and when she said she did, I told her her blog posts were the reason I was there.

They were both so helpful and showed me a good overlook, took up looking via binoculars and scope and soon were pointing out Green Herons (4-5), a Great Blue Heron, wood ducks, mallards, mute swans and Canada geese.

 Mute Swans

 Green Heron

I was lucky to be able to view the Green Herons through Alan's scope.  We were not close enough for me to get a good sighting from my camera.

It's funny, because when you first look out over the wetlands, they look absolutely empty.  You have to stop, have patience, scan and listen.  Nature reveals itself slowly.  It is a wonderful place, and I hope to be able to return soon!

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