Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Massachusetts Butterflies

Butterfly season has been in full swing for months now, but this week it has been especially easy and enjoyable to find a variety of good subjects posing on beautiful flowers!  This Framingham, MA garden was full of activity.  It was great to watch some fight for control of their flowers.  Even bees fly up and bump into the butterflies that are nectaring, hoping to knock them off a good blossom.  Occasionally, they will share.

 Common Sootywing on verbena

 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail on zinnia

 Fiery Skipper on Globe Amaranthus

 Monarch on verbena

 Least Skipper on verbena (great name for such a tiny one!)

 Cabbage White on verbena

 Painted Lady on zinnia

 Painted Lady on Globe Amaranthus

 Painted Lady.  Love this blue section!

 Painted Lady on dahlia

 Common Sootywing on Globe Amaranthus

 Guess who? on dahlia

Love this one!  It's a color-coordinated butterfly!

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