Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tree Swallows

The adult Tree Swallow has iridescent blue-green wings above, white below and a very slightly forked tail.  The female is usually duller in coloring than the male, sometimes appearing more greenish than the more bluish male.  To me, the wings look either blue or green depending on how the light is hitting them.  In this next series of photos, it is the same bird in the first and last photos, but it looks blue in the first photo and green in the last.

This tree swallow was so patient with me.  I was able to get really close without her flying away.

There was a northern mockingbird making lots of noise over where they are looking.  I don't think they appreciated it too much!  Do birds have "neighbor" issues, too?

The above photos were taken today at Wildwood Cemetery in Ashland, MA.    I think this pair may be taking over the nesting box where I saw bluebirds earlier this year.  Haven't seen the bluebirds lately....  By the way, I haven't seen Tom Turkey the last few times I've been to the cemetery either.  Wonder where he is.....

Here's a photo of tree swallows in a nesting box at the Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary (June 2011).  I can't be a serious birder, because I think they are "cute"!

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