Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pine Warblers (?)

Today after work I went out on the deck and checked the highest tree tops for bird activity, hoping to spot a warbler among the leaf buds.  There were several birds hopping around up there, too far to be identified with the camera alone.  I pulled out my binoculars long enough to know that at least one of them was a warbler of some sort.  The others, I think, were goldfinches and chickadees, just going up there to torture me and make me crane my neck!

My guess is that this is a female goldfinch, because of the orange beak and yellow coloring.  They are definitely harder to identify from this distance and from below.

I think this is a pine warbler, although I am not sure.  I have no warbler expertise, and this is from such a distance that it is just my best guess.

Chickadee at left; pine warbler at right (hopefully).

Another mystery bird, but I think it's a potential warbler....by next spring, I hope to be better with identifying warblers....

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