Thursday, April 12, 2012

Missed Photo Ops

Last night there was a wild turkey in my back yard pecking at the seeds under my feeder.  I rushed for my camera and tried to ever-so-quietly open the slider to go out on the deck.  The turkey was very jumpy, though, and immediately took off into the woods without pausing for even one photo!  Drat!

Today the house finches that are nesting in my neighbor's pine tree came over to the peach tree in front of my house and were eating bugs in the blossoms.  I rushed to get my camera and was just removing the lens cap when they flew off.  Drat!  I would have loved a photo of a purple-pink bird among the pink blossoms.

This nature photography hobby doesn't always work.  Some times there are no results.  But these moments deserve mention anyway, because they are occurring in my daily life, on my land, out my windows, in the midst of my routine.  Gotta love that!

What's going on outside your window?

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