Monday, April 23, 2012

April Shower

We've really only had one April shower so far!  I love the garden after a good rain, especially if the sun peaks out and makes those raindrops sparkle!  There is a nice variety of color, shape, and pattern in the garden already!

 Cushion Spurge

 Tulip (variety unknown)


 Heuchera Caramel


Lady's Mantle 

 Dogwood (downtown Ashland)

See the tiny flowers in the center?  Those are the actual blooms, and the pink outer parts are bracts, not flowers.  A bract is a specialized leaf.  In this case, it is different than the foliage leaves of the dogwood.  They are often different in color, shape or texture than the foliage leaves as well as from the flower parts. Dogwood bracts are large and brightly colored; they surround the smaller, less colorful flowers; and they help to attract pollinators to the flowers.

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