Friday, April 27, 2012

Feeding Frenzy

I went to Farm Pond at lunch time to see if there were any baby ducks, geese or swans.  I don't want to miss them!  I flushed a Great Blue Heron as soon as I neared the lake and wasn't ready to capture it's picture.  Rats!  There was a pair of mallards there, but no ducklings.

Near the two old trees where the trail joins up with the pond, there was a huge flock of swallows flitting about in the strong winds.  They must have been finding lots of bugs to eat, because there were lots of bugs!  It felt reminiscent of the movie, The Birds, as so many birds filled the sky and flew very near me.  I never got a very good picture to show how many there were.  It was neat.

They were having a feeding frenzy!  (Click to enlarge)

Swallows remind me of those antique shiny Christmas ornaments.

I spotted sunning turtles and a red-winged blackbird as I wandered closer to the swans to see if there were any babies.   No sign of ugly ducklings yet.

Will try again in a week or so.  The clouds in the blue sky and several types of wildflowers in the woods added to the beauty of the outing.

Just as I was returning to the car, I heard a rustling and saw some sort of bird activity on the ground.  I shot a couple photos, and one showed a hawk leaving the scene.

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