Monday, April 9, 2012

Cemetery Birds

Wildwood Cemetery, Ashland, MA
 Red-tailed hawk

 Eastern bluebird (female)

Chipping sparrow

Chipping sparrows used to line their nests with horse hair (when it was abundantly available).  As the horse population declined over the years, this bird evolved (adjusted) and now plucks strands of hair from sleeping dogs.  Watch out, Rover!

Eastern bluebird (male).  What a beauty in the sunshine!

Did you know that the Eastern bluebird is the official state bird of the states of Missouri and New York?

Downy woodpecker (female)

Downy woodpecker (male)


  1. I love Downy Woodpeckers. They are so fuzzy I want to rub their bellies!! But alas, even my own parakeets are not fond of that... :) Great pictures, Dawn.

  2. Thanks! It's fun when the birds cooperate! I love the bluebirds myself. The female Downy Woodpecker looked like she was going to get blown right off the tree but held on tight.